Acer Earns Multiple 2024 iF Design Awards

AI laptops, gaming devices, e-bike eco packaging design, and AcerSense series software awarded by the judges


TAIPEI (April 30, 2024) Multiple products across Acer’s comprehensive range of innovations received the iF Design Award in 2024, adding to its list of design achievements. The winning roster features the Swift Go 14 and Swift Go 16 AI laptops and the Predator Connect X7 5G CPE, the world’s first 5G Wi-Fi 7 gaming CPE. More computer products were awarded including the Predator Orion X upgradable gaming desktop, Acer Revo Box Mini PC, and the AcerSense software collection. Also catching the eyes of this year’s panel of judges are the eco-friendly packaging designs for the Acer ebii e-bike and Acer mouse.

This year’s iF Design Awards recorded nearly 11,000 submissions from almost 5,000 participants around the world. The award body’s 132-man team of design experts was tasked to evaluate and score all entries based on the criteria of differentiation, form, function, idea, and impact. Acer’s designs have consistently received this prestigious award and have garnered great success in the competition over the past years, currently placing in the top 50 out of 7,236 companies globally in the iF Design Rankings from 2020-2024.

Acer iF Design Awards 2024 Recipients:

  • Acer Swift Go 14 and 16: The latest Swift Go laptops deliver AI-ready performance, portability, and impressive OLED displays in these devices while Acer’s suite of AI-assisted videoconferencing tools plus 180o hinge allows for seamless collaboration and flexible use.
  • Predator Helios 18: The 18-inch gaming laptop combines powerful processors, a Mini LED display, and Wi-Fi 7 connection. Gamers will feel and see the difference in its unique keyboard design, featuring new MagKey 3.0 on the WASD keycaps with a set of switchable options. One is the patented MagClick keys with mechanical switches for a more tactile response, while the other is a set of MagSpeed keys with anti-slip patterns and LED dynamic lighting upon every key press.
  • Predator Helios Neo 16: The Predator Helios Neo 16 balances cutting-edge components and the latest features to deliver smooth gameplay. The new 16-inch laptop sports a futuristic aesthetic with customizable dynamic lighting on the keyboard and logo, plus laser-etched codes on its sleek, deep black anodized cover that would intrigue any gamer to unravel its hidden messages.
  • Predator Orion X Desktop: The Predator Orion X gaming desktop was crafted as a compact gaming powerhouse with a distinctive sci-fi-inspired look. The DIY-friendly chassis measures just 15.4 liters with partitioned zones to simplify upgrades and upkeep. Completing its futuristic look is a headset resting on top of the device and a generous offering of customizable RGB lighting fixtures located inside and out.
  • Acer Revo Box Mini PC: A versatile mini PC with ample performance power, without the bulkiness of a traditional desktop computer. Its compact 9.5 L form factor can fit in just about any space at home or in the office and comes with an option for a patented rotatable VESA mounting kit that allows it to be easily concealed behind televisions or displays.
  • Predator Connect X7 5G CPE: As the world’s first gaming 5G CPE router with Wi-Fi 7, the device provides Multi-Link Operation, dual connectivity+ for high-speed internet, enhancing gaming experiences with minimal lag and buffering. Featuring a sleek and modern design, with a subtle Predator Logo on top that helps indicate signal strength, the Predator Connect X7 looks great in any gaming setup or home environment.
  • Acer ebii Eco-friendly packaging: The packaging design of the ebii e-bike echoes the product’s core themes of simplicity, intelligence, and environmental sustainability. It aims to solve the pain points with bike packaging, which is often focused on protecting the product during transport and results in complicated unboxing and assembly processes. After unfastening the buckle on the outer box, the opening on the side can be easily lifted with one hand to remove the bike. With a few simple steps, the cardboard structure can then be reused into a bicycle stand, simultaneously extending its lifecycle while also reducing waste.
  • Acer Mouse Eco-friendly packaging: The thought behind its design is both functional and innovative, as it can accommodate different mouse models and battery sizes all out at once while minimizing the packaging’s ecological footprint. It uses molded pulp paper and paper-lined construction which helps minimize waste by eliminating the use of plastic, cutting down its size and weight compared to previous generations, and simplifying its assembly process, echoing the Acer brand’s commitment to sustainability.
  • AcerSense Series Applications: Acer’s collection of software solutions for laptops is comprised of AcerSense for productivity, NitroSense for gaming support, and TravelMateSense for business solutions. These offer tailored services for various users and scenarios such as managing device performance, customizing lighting effects, or conducting quick enhancements to audio/video quality, helping users accomplish everyday tasks or perform better in game. Through extensive research, Acer has gained insights into the software functions that varied users require and aimed to create all-in-one platforms to minimize the number of installed applications on devices. Their designs were crafted to showcase distinct features and visual appearances. AcerSense features a fresh green color scheme, fostering a relaxing daily atmosphere. For gaming, the NitroSense incorporates futuristic and more engaging elements through its user interface design and avatars. Lastly, the TravelMateSense for business features a subtle green colorway representing a more professional and composed characteristic.


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