Acer Expands its Acclaimed Predator Gaming Portfolio with Desktops, Monitors and Accessories

Editor’s Summary:

  • The Predator X25 gaming monitor boasts an incredibly fast 360 Hz refresh rate, supporting the smoothest possible animation and gameplay
  • Predator XB3 gaming monitors deliver lifelike visuals for smooth gaming with up to a speedy 0.5 ms (G to G) response time, NVIDIA® G-SYNC® compatibility and DisplayHDR™ 400
  • Refreshed Predator Orion 9000 and Orion 3000 gaming rigs give enthusiasts powerful performance for gaining an advantage over their opponents and streaming their battles to fans and friends
  • The newest Nitro 50 gaming desktops support entry-level to mainstream gamers with a wide range of configuration and pricing options
  • Predator Gaming Chair x OSIM gives relaxing massages to ease tension and maximize comfort during and after gameplay
  • Predator Cestus 350 mouse supports gamers with speed, precision and style—wirelessly

TAIPEI, TAIWAN (June 23, 2020) Acer has rounded out its award-winning gaming line with a host of powerful, cutting-edge gaming PCs, monitors and accessories. Options are available to suit a wide range of gamers, from professionals looking for top-of-the-line technology to casual players wanting a solid gaming desktop at an affordable price.

“Our latest gaming line-up is outfitted with some of the most innovative and powerful technologies available today,” said Jerry Kao, Co-COO of Acer. “As a leader in the gaming industry, we strive to help gamers gain an advantage over their opponents with robust, feature-rich systems and devices that push the boundaries of performance, ease of use and comfort.”

Predator X25 Monitor – Amazingly Fast 360 Hz Gaming

This powerful 24.5-inch 1920 x 1080 gaming monitor boasts a super speedy 360 Hz refresh rate to give players the smoothest possible animation. Featuring the latest NVIDIA® G-SYNC® processors, the Predator X25 delivers an optimal gaming experience loaded with advanced features, making games look as realistic as possible.

The Predator X25 can also adjust its brightness and color temperature automatically based on environmental light. With LightSense, the Predator X25 detects the amount of ambient light in the viewing environment and automatically adjusts its brightness settings to maximize viewing comfort. AdaptiveLight automatically adjusts the monitor’s backlights to suit the ambient light in the room, while ProxiSense reminds gamers to take a break after a set amount of time. Ergonomic, the monitor is adjustable with -5 to -25 degree tilt, +/- 30 degree swivel, up to 4.7-inch height adjustment and +/- 90 degree pivot.


Predator XB3 Series Monitors – Smooth Gameplay, Brilliant Visuals

Acer is launching four Predator XB3 series monitors: the 31.5-inch Predator XB323QK NV, the 27-inch Predator XB273U GS and Predator XB273U GX, plus the 24.5-inch Predator XB253Q GZ. All are certified as NVIDIA G-SYNC Compatible, with up to 240 Hz refresh rates and up to 4K UHD resolution, this new line of monitors delivers silky smooth gameplay and wide 178-degree viewing angles. DisplayHDR 400 supports stunningly bright images with high contrast and color accuracy, while up to a 0.5 ms (G to G) response time in overdrive drastically reduces motion blur in fast moving images. The new line includes Acer AdaptiveLight, helping gamers stay comfortable during long gaming sessions, and is ergonomically designed, with a stand that features tilt, swivel, pivot and height adjustment. RGB LightSense lets gamers choose a variety of different lighting effects, including color, speed, duration and brightness, which can be set to react to gameplay, music or video.

Predator Orion 9000 – Extreme Performance for Pros and Hardcore Gamers

Designed for hardcore and professional gamers, the refreshed Predator Orion 9000 (P09-920) delivers extreme performance, advanced cooling and easy upgradability. A gaming monster, this series packs a powerful punch with up to an Intel® Core i9 Extreme Edition processor, dual NVIDIA® Geforce® RTX® 2080 Ti graphics cards in SLI mode, up to three 3.5-inch HDDs and two 2.5-inch SDDs with a USB 3.2 Gen2 Type-C hot swap dock for SSD/HDDs. Three 4.7-inch Predator FrostBlade fans provide up to 16% more airflow and 55% increased static pressure compared to prior generations [1], while a CPU liquid cooler fan keeps the temperature low as battles heat up. Integrated Killer E3100G and Intel® WiFi 6 support fast and reliable wireless connectivity. Overclocking can be activated at the touch of a button. An EMI-compliant edge-to-edge tempered glass side panel showcases the colorful ARGB lighting on the internal fans and has a tool-less design to simplify upgrades. The chassis includes a convenient headset cradle, handles and wheels.

Predator Orion 3000– Powerful Performance in a Mid-Sized Tower

The newest Predator Orion 3000 models are made for gamers desiring a mid-sized tower rig for enjoying their favorite game titles or diving into streaming without seeing an impact on performance. Thanks to a 10th Gen Intel® Core i7 processor [2] and GeForce® RTX 2070 SUPER GPU[2], it can tackle a wide range of games. Top that off with up to 64 GB of 2666 MHz DDR4 memory, up to 1TB2 PCIe NVMe SSD and two 3.5-inch SATA3 hard drives, and it has the guts for editing and storing videos. Two custom-engineered Predator FrostBlade fans swiftly handle intake and exhaust to keep temperatures low, while the lighting on the fans and vertical light bars at the front of the case can be customized with special effects and up to 16.7 million colors via PredatorSense software. An optional EMI-compliant tempered glass side panel showcases the powerful components and colorful RGB lighting within. Killer E2600 fuels high-speed gigabit network performance and Intel® Wi-Fi 6 functionality[2] delivers high-speed, low-latency wireless performance. ​ 

Nitro 50 – Practical Desktop for Casual Gamers and Beginners

The Nitro 50 Series desktops deliver powerful performance for lag-free gaming and smooth graphics-intensive tasks with up to a 10th Gen Intel® Core i7 processor and up to a GeForce® RTX 2060 SUPER GPU. Up to 64GB of DDR4-2666 memory[2] fuels the best possible performance. Sharp contours and red LEDs[2] set the mood for epic game play, while the 18-liter chassis fits neatly on or under a desk. Powerful Predator FrostBlade cooling keeps the temperature low, and gamers can control and make adjustments to fan speed in real time. High capacity storage is provided by a 1TB NVMe PCIe SSD[2] and two 3TB HDDs[2].

Predator Cestus 350 Mouse – Precision, Speed & Style

The latest Predator mouse brings gamers fast and accurate control without messy wires. Different games feature varying play styles, each having its own optimal settings. With the Predator Cestus 350, players can create five custom profiles or leverage preset DPI (up to 16,000) settings via the hyper-accurate Pixart 3335 optical sensor and make use of 8 programmable buttons, enabling them to optimize their mouse for each game. It also supports fast wireless connectivity with a polling rate of 1 ms/1000 Hz for wireless and 0.5 ms/2000 Hz for wired.


Predator Gaming Chair x OSIM – Maximum Gaming Comfort

Designed for professional gamers and eSports enthusiasts alike, the new Predator Gaming Chair x OSIM gives a relaxing massage that leverages OSIM V-Hand Massage Technology to emulate the agile hands of a professional masseuse on the user’s neck and shoulders. Together with other massage techniques such as knead, press, roll and tap that cover the entire back, this gaming chair has been specially designed to decrease tension and optimize physical comfort during or after gameplay.

The cozy and ergonomic chair is highly adjustable, able to be reclined up to 145 degrees, and gamers can make use of buttons on the chair’s right-side arm rest to control two sets of rollers that mimic a pair of agile hands tracing the s-curve of the spine. Three automatic massage programs (Neck & Shoulders, Lumbar and Energize) are available, designed by a massage expert to target the neck, shoulder and lumbar regions—all known to be common pain points for gamers due to prolonged periods spent sitting.

Gamers are provided with many options to customize their massage beyond simply varying the massage techniques used. The chair’s rollers can be adjusted to suit six different shoulder positions in order to cater to people of differing heights and there are also roller width settings which provide gamers with the ability to hit exactly the right spot, regardless of their body width. Furthermore, gamers have the option of setting a programmable spot-massage that focuses on a single area, giving particularly aching muscles a bit of extra attention and care.

Featuring black carbon fiber patterned PVC leather with metallic dark gray and teal accents, the Predator Gaming Chair x OSIM has a sporty, yet professional, look and feel. Topping it off, two built-in Bluetooth speakers on the chair’s headrest deliver dynamic sound effects to intensify gaming immersion without the hassle of a headset.

Pricing & Availability

The Predator XB3 Series will be available in North America in September starting at USD 429.99; in EMEA in August starting at EUR 439; and in China in July, starting at RMB 2,999.

The Predator Orion 9000 will be available in EMEA in October starting at EUR 2,799; and in China in September, starting at RMB 20,999.

The Predator Orion 3000 will be available in North America in September starting at USD 999.99; in EMEA in August starting at EUR 899; and in China in July, starting at RMB 8,999.

The Nitro 50 will be available in North America in September starting at USD 799.99; in EMEA in August starting at EUR 799; and in China in July, starting at RMB 4,599.

The Predator Cestus 350 gaming mouse is currently available in North America starting at USD $124.99; in EMEA it will be available in Q2, starting at EUR 99.

Exact specifications, prices, and availability will vary by region. To learn more about availability, product specifications and prices in specific markets, please contact your nearest Acer office via


[1] ​ ​ Performance is based on a comparison at 24dBA with the 120x120mm Predator FrostBlade™ fan and a fan of the same size as those used in PO9-900 and PO9-600 devices. Actual airflow will vary based on site conditions, size of fan and other factors.
[2] ​ ​ Specifications may vary depending on model and/or region. All models subject to availability.

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