Acer Premieres Finale to Predator Gaming Mini-Series, “It Lies Within”

TAIPEI, TAIWAN (September 29, 2021) Acer has announced the third and final episode of It Lies Within, a mini-series of videos that establishes the Predator gaming universe and speaks to the brand’s ultimate goal—to bestow power that empowers. This season tells the story of Kya, a young girl who is trying to find her place in the world and learning to embrace the extraordinary power that lies within her. At the same time, the series celebrates the power and innovation that lies within every Predator machine and peripheral.

“Storytelling is an essential part of marketing,” said Vincent Lin, Associate Vice President, Global Product Marketing & Planning, Acer Inc. “Stories are accessible and resonate with audiences, which make it easier to spread a campaign’s message. In this case, our message is simple: Whether it’s next-level hardware inside a computer or a gamer’s drive to perfect their play, what really counts lies within.”

Episode One: Press Start

The story begins with the birth of Kya, a little girl whose cries seem to disrupt the hospital lights. Later that night, the midwife notices a unique birth mark on the newborn’s wrist. Fast forward to Kya’s sixth birthday party. Several children are playing tug-of-war, and in the heat of the moment, Kya’s birthmark begins to glow. She pulls on the rope with ease, and all the other children fall down. Kya has unwittingly tapped into the power that lies within her.

After the game, one of the party entertainers approaches to give Kya a high-five. When their hands meet, a shockwave travels across the room. Kya glances at the entertainer, nervously, and the entertainer returns a knowing smile. Cake time. Kya takes a deep breath to blow out the candles, and when she exhales, the cake explodes.

Watch the first episode here.

Episode Two: Save Point

Kya is now twelve years old. She is sitting on her bed and staring at a deck of cards, concentrating, when her birthmark lights up. A second later, one of the cards flies into the air, then another and another. Her heart races. Before long the entire deck is floating around Kya. She smiles, having consciously activated the power within her for the first time. Suddenly the door opens. She sends the cards to the ceiling and her father passes on without noticing anything. Kya sighs, relieved, and when her focus lapses, all the cards fall down.

Three years pass: Kya stops at her locker between classes. Opening it, a note falls to the floor. It says freak. She notices several girls nearby watching her. Kya gets angry and her birthmark lights up, glowing more intensely than ever before. The bell rings; she tries to calm herself down. A boy comes dashing down the hallway and one of the girls sticks out her foot. As he trips, Kya reaches out her hand—time stops. Sparks from a shattered ceiling light freeze in the air. She’s mesmerized for a moment, then sets her falling classmate upright and restarts time. ​ She doesn’t notice that, unlike everyone else, her teacher hadn’t been frozen. Kya isn’t alone, but she doesn’t know it yet.

Watch the second episode here.

Episode Three: Level Up

The action-packed finale reveals an extended cast of characters. Who is friend, who is foe? Eighteen-year-old Kya has learned to control the power that lies within her, but her journey is just beginning.

Watch the finale here.


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