Acer Publishes 2022 Sustainability Report and Starts Using Sustainable Fuel Solutions

Since Q4’22, Acer has been reducing its sea logistics emissions thanks to biofuel

TAIPEI (September 14, 2023) Acer Inc. announced the publication of its 2022 Sustainability Report offering a transparent disclosure of company strategies, actions, and achievements in sustainability management. In addition, to reduce carbon emissions in shipping its products worldwide, Acer has partnered with logistics provider Kuehne+Nagel to reduce standard sea containers emissions thanks to biofuel on various routes since Q4’22. ​



International maritime transport accounts for approximately 3% of global greenhouse gas emissions [1]. Sustainable marine fuels like biofuel have lower carbon footprint than petroleum-based fuels [1]. Researchers have found that biofuels produced entirely from biomass reduce between 67% to 93% in life-cycle greenhouse gas emissions compared to heavy fuel oil [2] which is the main fuel used by ships. Acer is taking steps to help decarbonize the marine industry and its goals are aligned with the International Maritime Organization’s GHG reduction strategy for the uptake of zero or near-zero GHG emission technologies, fuels, and/or energy sources to represent 5-10% of the energy used by international shipping by 2030 [3].



Highlights of Acer’s progress in the sustainability report include:

Net Zero by 2050
Acer committed to reaching net zero emissions by 2050 starting from three major aspects: operations, products and services, and value chain. It also continued to advance toward the goals of using 20-30% post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastic in its computers and displays by 2025 and sourcing 100% renewable electricity by 2035 for the Acer Group, for which it has reached 17% and 44% respectively in 2022. Since launching its eco-conscious Vero laptop computer that utilizes recycled plastic, recyclable packaging, and ocean-bound plastic, the line has expanded to desktops, monitors, displays, all-in-ones, Chromebooks, and accessories. The Vero portfolio offers consumers, businesses, and organizations more options to reduce their carbon footprint and join Acer’s advocate for circular economies.

Acer Earthion
The Acer “Earthion” sustainability platform that unites its employees and supply chain partners to tackle environmental challenges continued to gain in strength. A “21-Day Green Challenge” was held for which over 7,000 employees of Acer, its partners, and suppliers were motivated to reduce their carbon footprint. The campaign succeeded in raising awareness for environmental protection, helped employees form “green” habits, and cut an equivalent of 152 tons CO2 emissions.

Responding to United Nations Sustainable Development Goals
Acer continued to respond to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) with its existing businesses and new initiatives. For example, Acer’s AI-assisted medical solutions, including diabetic retinopathy diagnosis software, responds to SDG 3 for good health and well-being; Acer provides rainfall and flood control water storage systems that answer to SDG 11 for sustainable cities and communities; and its Vero devices respond to SDG 12 for responsible consumption and production as well as SDG 13 for climate action.

Focusing on Education
Acer is committed to contributing toward social responsibilities for which education is one of its key focuses. As a global technology company, Acer seeks to promote digital equity and break the barriers between people and technology, and was named among the World Benchmarking Alliance’s 2,000 most influential companies on meeting the United Nations SDGs, in the field of digital inclusion.

For the long-term sustainability of both its operations and the environment, Acer will continue evolving with industry and lifestyle changes and promoting low-carbon transformation by pushing for innovative eco-conscious solutions, increasing the use of PCR plastic and ocean-bound plastic materials, expanding its commitment in energy storage, and more, while further expanding its multiple businesses for growth.



[1] The Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE)
[2] News Release: Environmental Concerns Propel Research Into Marine Biofuels, National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), May 17, 2021
Revised GHG reduction strategy for global shipping adopted, International Maritime Organization (IMO), July 7, 2023


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