Acer Reveals New 4K Smart Projector for Home Theaters

Editor’s Summary

  • The Acer H6800BDa is a top-of-the line 4k UHD smart projector that is HDR10 compatible—just connect to Wi-Fi to utilize popular streaming apps via an app store
  • 1080p projection at 240 Hz and a low 5 ms input lag mean that the projector can also be used for console gaming, while built in speakers make it a great option for streaming and music
  • Sports fans will appreciate Football Mode, a specially tailored preset that brings out greens and skin tones for a more vivid image during the game
  • Acer’s wireless dongle, built into the projector, allows for wireless projection from a smartphone or PC
  • The projector utilizes automatic keystone correction technology for a hassle-free setup

TAIPEI, TAIWAN (May 13, 2021) Acer today revealed a new H6800BDa 4K smart projector with 3,600 ANSI lumens brightness and a pre-loaded app market[1], a top-of-the-line device aimed at home entertainment enthusiasts. HDR10 compatible, the projector can be calibrated to suit each home’s unique lighting atmosphere and includes a special tailor-made “Football Mode” to enhance the sport-viewing experience. With the capability of projecting at a 240 Hz refresh rate in 1080p, plus low input lag, the projector can also be used for console gaming.

Smart Projector

The projector comes pre-loaded with an app market[1] that enables users to get even more usability out of the device by offering built-in support for a variety of streaming services, social media websites, and more. These services can be used without any additional devices: simply connect the projector to Wi-Fi, and entertainment is available.

A Brighter Cinematic Experience

The Acer H6800BDa is a smart projector that delivers 3,600 ANSI lumens of brightness and 4K UHD (3840x2160) resolution for an incredible home-theater experience. HDR10 compatible, the projector intelligently leverages four dimming modes to make lush details pop in bright scenes or preserve shadowy details in dark ones. For users seeking the ultimate experience, Imaging Science Foundation (ISF) Certified Calibration Controls allow the projector to be configured for the best image possible in a given environment.

Football Mode

Sports fans will appreciate Football Mode, a specially tailored preset designed to replicate in-stadium experience. This is achieved by boosting the projector’s brightness, saturation, sharpness and gamma in order to brings out greens and skin tones, ultimately delivering a more vivid image and making the game look better than ever. Additionally, gamers can take advantage of the responsive control offered by 240 Hz refresh rate at 1080p and a low 5 ms input lag.

Years of Entertainment

A built in 10W speaker provides loud and clear sound, eliminating the need to prepare external speakers, while the ability to offer an 80-inch projection from only 2.7 meters (8.86 feet) makes it great for turning living rooms into a cinema—and with an up to 15,000 hour lifespan[2] on its lamp, the H6800BDa will offer entertainment for years to come.

Additionally, users can wirelessly[3] project from a computer or mobile device[4].

Hassle-Free Setup

Beyond offering an excellent display, the H6800BDa also provides a hassle-free viewing experience. The projector leverages automatic vertical keystone correction technology to automatically adjust itself to a user’s wall or viewing surface and provide a level display, from which point users can manually adjust each of the four corners until an ideal display is achieved. The H6800BDa also supports 24/7 continuous projection, making it particularly useful for sports bars or restaurants: set it up before the big game and leave it without worry, no matter how long the party stays.

Pricing and Availability

The Acer H6800BDa projector will be available in EMEA in August, starting at EUR 1,099; and in China in June, starting at RMB 7,999.

Exact specifications, prices, and availability will vary by region. To learn more about availability, product specifications and prices in specific markets, please contact your nearest Acer office via


[1] Pre-loaded with the third-party Aptoide TV APP market, which also supports a variety of streaming services.
[2] In EcoPro mode. The actual operating life span of a projector lamp will vary according to model and/or region, operating conditions, and usage patterns.
[3] Wireless dongle is required for wireless projection. The wireless dongle is a standard accessory. The H6800BDa has been designed so that the dongle is nested within the device and not visible from external viewing angles.
[4] Additional device must support Miracast technology.


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