Acer Teams Up With Leading Hospitals Across Taiwan to Provide Cloud-based Remote Healthcare Services

TAIPEI, TAIWAN - Expanding remote health management and cloud-based healthcare services across Taiwan to build smart cities

Acer today announced to team up with three leading hospitals in Taiwan to provide remote health management services across the island, namely the Taipei Medical University Hospital (TMUH), Changhua Christian Hospital (CCH), and Kaohsiung Medical University Hospital (KMUH). Together, Acer and the hospitals aim to expand the promotion of remote health management and cloud-based smart healthcare services. The cross-industry collaboration will combine online and offline resources in the fields of healthcare, information technology, and smart devices.

Acer Cloud Technology Inc. Chairman, Maverick Shih, stated, “Remote healthcare has become a global trend. The Ministry of Health and Welfare of Taiwan just announced the ‘Regulations of Telemedicine Treatment’ draft a few days ago, which are expected to relax the restrictions on remote healthcare services. Before the draft launches, Acer is excited to be working with Taiwan's three leading medical teams in this area. By combining our online and offline expertise and resources in terms of technology and healthcare, we are able to develop comprehensive healthcare services for smart cities and popularize them through cloud-based health management services across Taiwan.”

Taipei Medical University Hospital Associate Dean, Shu-Nuan Tsai, stated, “With elderly care and chronic diseases becoming key issues in modern medicine, remote healthcare services are a great solution by monitoring patients’ health and addressing issues before treatment is needed, and providing preventive measures to reduce the chance of acute symptoms occurring. TMUH offers new types of services through the development of remote healthcare devices and innovation healthcare delivery methods. TMUH established its remote healthcare center five years ago, providing comprehensive, holistic and around-the-clock services. We initiated having healthcare personnel on-call 24/7, which offers patients online access to on-duty doctors if necessary, as well as continuous remote healthcare; more importantly, we can track our members’ vital signs remotely, offering complete, personalized and systematic remote healthcare. TMUH has developed a mature method of remote healthcare service, and through the collaboration with Acer, we hope to jointly expand our services to workplace environments with accurate recording, professional monitoring and real-time response, making a contribution to the healthcare industry in Taiwan.”

Changhua Christian Hospital Superintendent, Shou-Jen Kuo, stated, “The main purpose of remote healthcare is to go with e-health. Changhua Christian Hospital isn’t merely confined to Changhua city or within Taiwan, but is a part of the world’s medical system, and competitive worldwide; therefore, there is no real distance between countries, and with Acer actively developing remote healthcare platform for smart cities, and cooperating with pioneering hospitals such as TMUH in the Northern Taiwan, CCH in the Central Taiwan and KMUH in the Southern Taiwan, everyone can have access to health consulting and even healthcare via the Internet.”

Kaohsiung Medical University Hospital Vice Superintendent, Der-Ming Liu, said, “With the Long-Term Care Act 2.0 on the road, remote healthcare development has become the future trend. Kaohsiung Medical University Hospital has been servicing the local community for over 60 years, and since 2012 our hospital has received the Symbol of National Quality for remote healthcare service every year. Our service quality with profound experience has been witnessed by everyone. Our hospital has been undertaking Kaohsiung City’s remote healthcare services project for the past three years, since 2014, for which we promoted community and in-home remote healthcare service in all 38 districts and provided health management services to over 6,000 Kaohsiung citizens. We believe that we can serve more people through the collaboration between KMUH and Acer’s aBeing Wellness Smart Healthcare Platform.”

People today spend over one third of their day at their workplace, and according to the World Health Organization, the workplace is one of the best places to promote health1. Seeing the potential of remote healthcare and the importance of health promotion, Acer has been working together with CCH since 2017 to introduce a remote health management system for Acer and AU Optronics Corp. to offer such services for the workplace. This year, the number of collaborating companies is expected to grow, while Acer and CCH will jointly expand the services beyond Taiwan, and establishing a collaboration model for medical centers and technology companies.

aBeing Wellness Smart Healthcare Platform Strengthens Workplace Health

According to the leading medical journal, The Lancet’s latest global ranking2 of healthcare quality, Taiwan ranked 45th out of 195 countries with a relatively low score in the category of chronic diseases. By understanding the importance of metabolic syndrome and chronic diseases in terms of Taiwan’s healthcare, and as more and more companies are including workplace health benefits in their employee welfare plans, Acer is actively developing cloud-based smart remote healthcare solutions by applying its aBeing Wellness Smart Healthcare Platform to help reduce metabolic syndrome and chronic diseases across the workplace, and promoting employees’ health.

In terms of the applications to the management of metabolic syndrome and chronic diseases in workplaces, the aBeing Wellness Smart Healthcare Platform is mainly used as a tool to help employees manage their everyday health. It provides assistance to employees who are not suffering from any chronic diseases but have shown signs of metabolism irregularities, helping individuals effectively monitor and lower their risk of chronic diseases, while also promoting health in workplaces.

Furthermore, employees can use measuring devices such as smart blood pressure monitors, smart glucose meters, as well as smart wearables, to keep track of their vital signs. By continuingly recording and monitoring their figures, employees can then collect and analyze the data via aBeing Wellness Smart Healthcare Platform. The data is then submitted to medical service agents, providing employees 24/7 access to healthcare services. Moreover, companies can provide their employees accordingly with education and counseling on diet and nutrition, as well as personalized healthcare advice to promote employees’ physical and mental health.

1 The World Health Organization
2 The Lancet

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