Acer Unveils Two New Cloud Application Solutions for the Era of Computing and Communication

  • abPBX plus series is a global communications network for businesses based on all IP communication, which integrates traditional telephony systems and desk phones with mobile devices.
  • aBeing series serves as a powerful cross-platform smart center for consolidating and sharing intelligence, and controlling IoT devices.
  • The first of aBeing series, aBeing One, is a BYOC™ development platform for IoT applications for smart living and working.

TAIPEI, TAIWAN - Acer today unveils two new cloud application solutions: abPBX1 plus series for enterprises and aBeing series for individuals and other working environments. In addition, a New New Acer shall combine hardware, application software, and devices with a focus on providing people-centric services to embrace the era of a new C&C (Computing and Communication).

With the new C&C setting the scene, Acer is offering two new Build Your Own Cloud (BYOC™) application solutions: abPBX plus series for enterprises, and aBeing series for homes, individuals and other work environments. Both cloud solutions may be used with a variety of smart mobile devices of enterprises, homes or individuals, and in ways beyond the scope of the Internet of Things (IoT). Acer is coining a new Internet of Beings (IoB) concept within its BYOC ecosystem which provides highly secure technologies for communication, consolidation, and sharing of information.

abPBX plus series is a new concept in communications that overcomes the limitation of traditional telephone switch systems; it is based on all IP (Internet Protocol) communication and is compatible with existing systems. abPBX plus integrates traditional office telephony systems and desk phones with tablet PCs, smartphones, and other mobile devices to provide businesses with a global communication network. Smartphones shall replace desk phones as office staffs’ portable phones/extensions with instant messaging and group chat functionality; while BYOC’s data encryption and advanced information security shall enable abPBX plus to bring to customers with benefits such as greater work efficiency, huge cost reduction, and more. abPBX plus shall be launched in Q215.

aBeing series shall offer a variety of products that serves as a center for intelligence in the new cloud services era. Suitable for individuals and other working environments, it combines AOP 3.0’s (Acer Open C&C Platform) core technology, supports cross CPU and OS, bridges the gap between public clouds, and can be used with various devices. aBeing series is based on the core concept that “computing is everywhere” and that any device can have computing functionality. With this powerful cross-platform smart center, users can consolidate and share intelligence, and control their many IoT devices.

aBeing series also offers a BYOC-based platform for developers, which provides security, privacy protection, and helps lower costs. The platform will serve as the foundations for cloud services and product research. The first product, aBeing One, combines hardware with AOP 3.0 and BYOC’s backend services, and other development modules for creating smart living and working applications, as well as an experimental platform for alliance members. These may be used for cloud services on all kinds of businesses and smart home products. Acer welcomes cooperation with alliance partners to develop and expand the aBeing series of products.

Acer will launch the first aBeing series solution in Q315 starting in Taiwan, prior to that Acer will host online discussions and forums to encourage information sharing and creativity among innovators from different fields, businesses and cloud services, to exchange ideas on new forms of application usage and foster the BYOC ecosystem together.

As a hardware + software + services company, the New New Acer will introduce more solutions for the new era of C&C. The auspicious date of January 9, 2015, on the Chinese lunar calendar has been chosen as the birth of New New Acer.

1. PBX stands for Private Branch Exchange, a private telephone network used within a company. Users of the PBX phone system share a number of outside lines for making external phone calls.

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