Acer’s ConceptD Earns Two Red Dot Awards for Brand and Communication

TAIPEI, TAIWAN (August 4, 2020) Acer’s ConceptD line of products for creators has won two 2020 Red Dot Awards for Brand and Communication Design. ConceptD’s global marketing campaign “Creativity Decoded” was recognized by the jury in the “Digital Campaign” category, while its eco-friendly packaging won an award in the “Sustainable Packaging Design” category. ConceptD’s submissions were hand-selected by a jury of 24 international experts for quality and creativity from a pool of 6,992 total submissions.

ConceptD’s “Creativity Decoded” Campaign

“Creativity Decoded” is a full-funnel global digital campaign which puts a spotlight on creators and their work. Following the brand’s slogan of “Let Creators be Creators”, Acer reached out to several acclaimed artists, designers and studios to work together on one of their “passion projects”—something they had always wanted to do, but didn’t have the means to carry out. The creators were supplied with ConceptD computers to facilitate their work, an ideal working companion for creators and design professionals.

The campaign consists of a series of videos, each highlighting a unique piece produced by an artist or studio. The videos peel apart the final projects, layer by layer, in order to reveal the process that went into them. In additional Behind the Scenes episodes, each creator discusses their creative process and the role that technology, particularly powerful computing hardware, plays in their creation process.

The videos can be viewed here, on the Creativity Decoded campaign’s landing page, while the campaign case study can be viewed here.

ConceptD Notebooks’ Eco-Friendly Package Design

Acer believes that corporations are in a unique position to create positive changes within the communities they inhabit. ConceptD aims to redefine the entire computing experience and to drive the industry forward. This commitment to innovation led to the development of eco-friendly packaging that was recognized via a Red Dot award.

ConceptD’s notebook packaging design strikes a balance between size and protection, and most components make use of shared packaging to reduce material waste. All LDPE foam packaging was removed without compromising protection, while plastic bags and film covers were eliminated wherever possible. Additionally, soy ink printing was utilized to prevent further pollution during the packaging’s reclamation process in the future. Overall, the packaging is nearly virgin-plastic free, is 100% recyclable and made from 90% recycled pulp.

A brief tour of ConceptD’s eco-friendly packaging is available here.

The Red Dot Award

The Red Dot Award is an international design award that aims to applaud innovative companies and recognize those responsible for tomorrow’s trends. In particular, the Brands & Communication Design Award serves to honor the best brands and creative works of the year. Brands spanning 36 industries compete for the prestigious awards, which are awarded by a panel of experts from around the world.


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