Acer’s “Vero” Green Packaging and PLANET9 Win Red Dot Awards for Brand & Communication Design

Editor’s Summary

  • The Aspire Vero eco-friendly laptop’s green packaging design earned a 2021 Red Dot Award for Brand & Communication Design in the “Packaging Design” category
  • The PLANET9 esports social platform earned a 2021 Red Dot Award for Brand & Communication Design in the “Digital Solutions” category

TAIPEI, TAIWAN (Sep. 28, 2021) Acer received two 2021 Red Dot Awards for Brand & Communication Design. In addition to the Red Dot awards for product design received earlier in the year, this recognition is testament to the fact that Acer’s products and initiatives consistently resonate with industry trends. ​

“Our winners for the Red Dot: Communication & Brand award embody the spirit of our company,” said Tiffany Huang, Co-COO, Acer Inc. “PLANET9 helps gamers connect with others and reach their goals through technology, while our green Vero packaging is a demonstration of how Acer is taking actions to reduce the consumption of the Earth’s resources. I’m excited to carry this momentum into the future.”

Acer Aspire Vero Green Packaging Design

The green packaging design is part of Acer’s first sustainability-focused laptop, the Aspire Vero, that features a number of green innovations—some of which can be appreciated even before the device has been taken out of the box it ships in.

The Acer Aspire Vero’s packaging has been reimagined from the ground up in accordance with a design system that covers multiple product lines, device sizes and packing components. The Aspire Vero ships in a box made from 80-85% recycled paper pulp, and plastic bagging for adapter protection is reduced by using paper sleeves instead. Furthermore, the laptop bag and the sheet between the keyboard is made with 100% recycled PET. This approach has eliminated the need for tens of thousands of packaging boxes and over 99% of virgin plastic, all without sacrificing durability. The remaining packaging is 100% recyclable, and its inner partition is even reusable: With just a few extra steps, users can turn it into an adjustable notebook stand.

PLANET9 Esports Social Platform

PLANET9 is a social esports platform that equips players with the environment and tools necessary to play their best. Big data is leveraged to provide players insight into their unique playstyle and help them identify the best decisions to make in a given scenario. Players can also mobilize this data in order to find teammates with similar levels of skill and commitment—even from across the world, thanks to the platform’s in-game live AI translator “SigridWave” which has been trained with game terms and in-game tactical jargon to help break language barriers.

In addition to opportunities to improve, the platform also provides a robust framework for hosting tournaments. From here, data visualization technology helps players and teams analyze their in-game performance to identify strengths and weaknesses. This information can also be sent to coaches for analysis in 1:1 lessons or lecture-style courses.

Above all, PLANET9 is a place to play, a place to compete, and a place to master your play.

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